Our Mission

We are here to:

Break barriers, achieve excellence

We are committed to working with all our children, recognising their unique values, nurturing and supporting their ambition, and placing creativity, inclusivity and excellence at the heart of all we do.

Open minds, expand choices

We are committed to learning within and beyond our classrooms, supporting curriculum breadth and depth with a sustained focus on music and the performing arts.

Empower the next generation of changemakers

We are committed to equipping our children and staff with the confidence and tools to effect positive change in their communities and the world.


We are:


We nurture an understanding and respect for all people and cultures. We value the unique qualities of our schools and celebrate both the similarities and differences between our faith and community schools. We have high expectations, enabling every child to realise their potential,  especially the most disadvantaged. We are ambitious for staff and encourage them to be reflective.


We collaborate within schools, across our family of schools and with our wider communities. We listen and encourage, sharing what we do well and providing one another with high levels of challenge and support. By doing so, we ensure that all of our students and school communities benefit from our collective wisdom, energy and skill.  


We value creativity in particular in music, the performing arts and co-curricular, providing exceptional opportunities for staff and children to be ambitious and to fulfill their creative potential.

Strategic objectives

Improving the quality of education for all our students

  • All children receive a well-considered and appropriate curriculum offer, especially those who are in any way disadvantaged.
  • All children have access to a rich, ambitious and creative co-curricular experience.
  • Develop a leading-edge provision for music, led by our specialist schools.
  • Improve quality of teaching through reflection, collaboration and incremental coaching.
  • Disseminate effective practice, building alignment where it adds value.

Effective central services and a modern estate 

  • CST estate is safe, well maintained and developed for future generations.
  • All schools are financially secure with sufficient reserves across the trust.
  • Robust and resilient systems and processes 

Developing our people to be agents of positive change

  • Staff are reflective, creative and ambitious and better represent the diversity of our school communities.
  • All staff receive a comprehensive suite of CPLD opportunities.
  • Appropriate support is available when staff members are facing challenges.

Successful partnerships

  • New creative partnerships are formed that develop teaching and leadership across the MAT.
  • External partnerships consolidate a trust-wide approach to music and the performing arts and create additional revenue streams. 

Strong governance

  • Governance accurately challenges and supports leaders to improve teaching and leadership.
  • Succession plans and change management implemented effectively.