Middle Leaders Course


The Middle Leaders Course is aimed at existing and aspiring Middle Leaders. Colleagues who aspire to Middle Leadership should be recommended by their headteacher. There are separate Primary and Secondary intakes for the Middle Leaders Course.


  • To develop the skills and knowledge needed for effective Middle Leadership
  • To understand and develop confidence with planning for improvement and self-evaluation
  • To understand and develop confidence with using data to improve outcomes
  • To be able to monitor the quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • To develop ways of spreading effective practice
  • To develop essential skills to help you get the most out of your team and from individual colleagues through a combination of challenge and support
  • To be prepared for OFSTED

The Middle Leaders course has five components:

  1. Initial reading and reflection sent out to delegates in advance (reading lists to add)
  2. One full day consisting of taught sessions and learning walks
  3. Up to three half days based in other schools, combining taught sessions and learning walks
  4. Action research
  5. Presentations to peers and SLT: impact of action research; next steps; evaluation of the course.

Content of the course and themes

Theme 1: School improvement, self-evaluation and the OFSTED framework

  • Introduction to the course
  • Action research
  • What does research tell us about good and improving schools?
  • Triangulation of evidence, including joint observation and guidance on feedback
  • Subject self-evaluation, appraisal and improvement planning
  • Understanding the Ofsted framework

Theme 2: Leadership of people and teams

  • Characteristics of effective leadership
  • Building an effective team and sharing good practice
  • Leading difficult meetings; handling challenging people; holding colleagues to account
  • How do Subject Leaders ensure consistently strong teaching and learning across subject teams?

Theme 3: Data and how it is used

  • What are the components of effective assessment at subject leadership level?
  • Data tracking, target setting, interventions and impact
  • Vulnerable groups, inc PPI, SEND, MAGT, EAL, BME and gender
  • Progress over time


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