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Neil Blundell

Neil Blundell MA is the Executive Principal of CST.  Before taking up his post at BCCS in 2008, Neil was Deputy Head at South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, a 960-pupil, Foundation grammar school in Salisbury. Prior to that he was Assistant Head at an inner-city school in Southampton and an advisory teacher in Essex. Neil is a NLE (National Leader in Education) and has worked as an Ofsted inspector.   As well as an educationalist, he is an accomplished musician, playing the trumpet and with particular expertise in choral singing.

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Esther Messinger

Esther Messinger is currently Assistant Principal at BCCS with a focus on Teaching and Learning.  Her background is in teaching Religious Studies, Ethics and Philosophy and she was previously SEND Coordinator. She has also held lead roles for Community Cohesion and Gifted and Talented and has significant experience of leading CPD and training programmes. She is a project lead for secondary RE provision across the South West  and delivers training to the diocese, local schools and universities on topics of faith, RE teaching, SEN, Inclusion, behaviour management and differentiation.

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Andy Steward

Andy Steward MA is the lead for Cathedral Schools Trust Teaching Schools Alliance. Andy’s career spans six secondary schools across south-west England. He has held positions on the senior leadership teams of three schools, two which faced challenging circumstances. Andy has considerable experience of working alongside colleagues in other schools to challenge and support them in improving outcomes. In addition, he has served on the governing body of a primary school. Andy enjoys football and spends weekends supporting his sons who play for local teams. He is a keen walker, accompanied by his two dogs.

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Lindsey Masters

Lindsey Masters is currently a Teacher of English and a Specialist Leader in Education at BCCS. She has also held the role of Subject Driver for English, taking responsibility for managing the transition between primary school and secondary school for incoming and prospective pupils, as well as overseeing Gifted and Talented provision for incoming pupils. She has delivered CPD, taking a particular lead in ITT and NQT training. 

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Dave Bugler

With 22 years of teaching experience, David Bugler, a previous Science Faculty Leader, has worked in 5 schools across England and Wales ranging from schools in challenging circumstances to a Grammar School. As an AST he was deployed to work within schools across Bristol area on Teaching and Learning and supporting staff in the classroom. He has led on significant IT projects in different Academies with the remit of its integration into the classroom to support pedagogy and attainment. Working within different leadership teams he has taken on several significant roles and is currently Vice Principal at BCCS. 

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Eiron Bailey

Eiron Bailey has held the post of Director of Music Specialism and Assistant Principal at BCCS since 2009 and is Senior Education Adviser to Bristol Plays Music.  He chairs the Heads of Music forum for Bristol and has been a keynote speaker at a number of conferences and training events.  He has worked in five very different schools across the UK and is also a very busy music conductor and performer.  Eiron was appointed as Musical Director of the Bristol Youth Orchestra in 2013.

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Nick Lawrence

Nick has worked in four secondary schools across the city and is currently an Assistant Head at Redland Green School. As part of his MA in Leadership and Management (completed in 2014) he completed modules in coaching alongside other assignments.  In Nick’s role as an Assistant Head he has supported staff both within the school to take on promotion and be successful in leadership positions and also in promotion to leadership positions outside of the school. Over the last three years Nick has lead work focused on disadvantaged students, managing resources to ensure support and impact on this group of students can and does make a difference. He has recently planned and facilitated a sharing of ideas for secondary school leaders with a responsibility for disadvantaged students. The session focused around establishing the barriers to learning and the resources available, going on to consider the impact on students’ outcomes.

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Emily Shuker

Emily has had a varied teaching career over 15 years, having worked in 4 schools across the country, including Coventry and inner-city London. She has taught across all Key-Stages, including considerable experience in Year 6 and understands the intricacies and challenges that each year group presents. In her role as a Literacy Subject Leader across two contrasting schools, Emily has frequently led change in line with the demands of the curriculum and the needs of the school. She is very experienced in coaching and professional development to ensure quality literacy teaching that meets the needs of all children. Alongside her role as Literacy Subject Leader, she has also acted as an NQT Mentor and as a GTP support teacher; assisting student teachers in their professional development of literacy teaching.

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Katherine Joslin

Katherine has 8 years teaching experience and is a secondary school English teacher and Deputy Leader to phase 3 (years 9, 10 and 11). She has a wealth of experience of improving progress through whole school initiatives and focused target groups, working collaboratively with all stakeholders. Her specialisms are English and challenging the most able, with experience of running training on challenging the most able as well as a specific project to support this cohort in Year 11. She is involved in CPD, including whole school sessions, teach meets and 1:1 mentoring. She is an NQT mentor and writes for the TES. She is also studying for a Masters in Education.

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Kara Jackson

Kara Jackson has been at BCCS for eight years and led the Science department for five of those years, managing significant changes in curriculum and staffing. She has completed an MA in Education and has experience of using Action Research to review and improve attainment across the age ranges. She has been an ITT mentor and delivered training on maximising learning outside of the classroom, closing the gap, post-16 attainment, stretch, challenge and differentiation.

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Ed Gunner

Ed is currently an Assistant Head at Victoria Park Primary School with responsibility for teaching and learning. He has been a Phase Leader and teacher in Key Stage 2, most recently in Year 6. Prior to entering teaching, he was a civil servant for ten years in a range of roles that all focused on improving public services through collaborative working. At the primary school level, he has particular experience of leading assessment and closing the gap for disadvantaged children. He has also delivered a range of CPD sessions, been an NQT mentor and developed the use of action research to inform teaching practice.

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Geoff Mountjoy

Geoff was recently appointed as National Leader of Governance (NLG) Advocate for the SW sub-region covering South Gloucestershire, Bristol, BANES, North Somerset and Somerset.  Geoff believes strongly in the power of NLGs to support governing bodies and their schools to provide pupils with the opportunity to fulfil their potential in society. Having made a career change, Geoff has spent the past 4 years as a Business Manager in two Bristol schools. Prior to that Geoff's work as a Regional Director of Legal Aid and Board Member for a Housing Association has placed a personal emphasis on promoting social inclusion.

National Leaders of Governance are highly effective chairs of governors/trustees who use their skills and experience to support other chairs or boards to improve school governance and performance. NLG’s focus on developing leadership capacity, mentoring and make also undertake a formal external review of governance. Support may also include understanding data and meeting pupil premium requirements and helping forge constructive links between boards.


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Chantelle Stirzaker

Chantelle has been teaching for 7 years, having worked in inner city schools in both Leeds and Bristol. She has taught across the whole of KS2 but for the past four years has focused and specialised in year 6. Her career has been varied with experience of leading Art but specialising in the leadership of spelling, punctuation, grammar, interventions, SATs and reading. For the past 4 years, Chantelle has successfully focused and led interventions within her school, more recently she has been appointed phase three leader. She is experienced in coaching and mentoring and supported a number of schools to improve their interventions as well as their year 6 provision and reading. 

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Joanna Bennett-Pullan

Joanna Bennett-Pullan is currently Subject Lead for Geography at BCCS. Joanna came to BCCS in 2010 as Subject Lead for Geography and PSHE. Previous positions include Head of KS3 Humanities, and Gifted and Talented Champion at Redland Green School.  She has vast experience of curriculum planning at KS3,4 and 5 and has been an A level examiner for over ten years. She has substantial experience in leading CPD and ITT training. Her areas of specialism are Geography curriculum planning, differentiation, classroom engagement and tracking & intervention policy. 

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Joe Martin

Joe has been Deputy Head (Academic) at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital school in Bristol since 2014. After qualifying as a teacher in London in 1991 he became Head of History at Helston School in Cornwall.  From there he moved to Raine’s Foundation School in Bethnal Green as Head of Humanities and subsequently to Rednock School in Dursley, Gloucestershire as Assistant Head.  During his career he has held senior leadership roles for attendance, pastoral provision in Key Stage 3 and SEND and he currently line manages all Heads of Department as well as overseeing assessment, reporting and attainment.

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Hannah Grant

Hannah has taught across EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in primary schools in Devon and Bristol for the last 12 years, her most recent experience being in Years 5 and 6. Originally trained as an MFL specialist, Hannah led Maths for three years and has overseen the development of the mastery curriculum in her current school. Her current role in school is Key Stage 2 Leader, which has involved setting up a coaching model for staff training and development, as well as training new leaders of core subjects. Hannah is experienced in delivering staff CPD in Maths and Grammar.

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Jack Lacey

Jack Lacey has worked in schools across Bristol for the past 20 years as a teacher, deputy headteacher and headteacher.  He was seconded to the LA to lead on the city's succession planning for 2 years.  Jack is currently headteacher at Victoria Park Primary School and a Local Leader of Education.  In his capacity as a LLE, he has supported several schools and a number of headteachers new to their role.  Jack is the vice-chair of the Primary Heads Association of Bristol, sits on the LA's Excellence in Schools Group and co-runs the New Headteachers Induction Programme.

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Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller is currently Assistant Principal at BCCS with responsibility for their growing Sixth Form. He moved to BCCS in 2016 having taught for over ten years in inner London at St Joseph's College, an all-boys school. Stephen has been on senior leadership teams for the majority of his career and has experience of whole-school leadership in behaviour and student welfare, teaching and learning as well as post-16 provision. In his role as Assistant Principal he has led on the design and implementation of systems for the quality assurance of teaching and learning, whole-school behaviour management and has delivered whole-school training on a number of topics. He is an experienced staff mentor and a supportive colleague.

We are in the process of recruiting additional Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) and Teaching School Associates - if you are interested please get in touch.