CPS Building Work


March 2017  

Governor & Parent Tours

Over the last few weeks groups of parents have been able to visit the Library to see first hand the development of our new school building.

Here we have the Cathedral Primary School Governors all safely dressed up for their tour around the site conducted by Trevor Anderson the Project Manager.




The Main Entrance

Work on the main entrance to school has now started. This whole section will all be built on site. Huge slaps of concrete are being dug up to prepare the ground and the building will feature and uniquely designed roof - we look forward to seeing it evolve over the next few weeks.



Steels Installed 

A crane was used to very carefully place the new steels. This was accurate work, making sure not to knock the walkway above (which belongs to the Central Library) or the chimney. 



The railing on the staircase have now been installed. And the space for the lift is now in place.